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Collaborative Lawyers

What is collaborative practice?

Collaborative lawyers help families keep their dispute out of Court without resorting to expensive and traumatic litigation.  It is a voluntary process and Stanley & Co Lawyers are one of a handful of family law firms in Adelaide who specialise in practising collaborative law.  If you need a lawyer for your separation or divorce, book a free consultation with Stanley & Co Lawyers today.

What is different about collaborative law?

Each party is represented by a lawyer for the purpose of settlement negotiation. If the parties decide to go to Court, the lawyers terminate their representation. Instead of resorting to adversarial behaviour, the parties must negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable. In order to do this, the parties must disclose all important and relevant information.

Is a collaborative approach right for my situation?

Collaborative practice is beneficial in any situation where the parties wish to enjoy cost effective, long lasting and sensible outcomes while maintaining relationships. Collaborative practise is suitable for:

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Helpful Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of collaborative practice?

Despite best intentions the Family Law Court process is slow. Often times, families become embroiled in many years of destructive litigation – in an open and public forum. Private lives are exposed and families face traumatic uncertainty and months or years of costly fees.

In contrast, a Collaborative approach to family law matters:

  • Costs less;
  • Remains confidential;
  • Settles disputes faster;
  • Allows the parties to control timing and outcomes; and
  • Permits creative outcomes.

How can I get started?

Start by inviting the other party. We can contact the other party to explain the collaborative process and invite them to meet with one of our collaboratively trained family lawyers in Adelaide or Christies Beach.

Engage a team of neutral professionals. These include financial advisors and family relationship specialists. You may find a complete list here.

Attend your first meeting with your full team. Here you will uncover the key interests and goals of the parties and discover what it takes to reach an agreement. All members of the team (on both sides) are resolution focused. Their goal is help you resolve your dispute and work together, instead of working against each other. This is the time to discuss what truly matters to everyone and put the emotional and financial stress of adversarial litigation aside.

Lastly, reach an outcome that meets everyone’s needs. Once you reach an agreement, the documents will be drawn and filed in Court. This becomes a legally binding document and resolves your dispute in an amicable manner.

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