Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Commercial litigation and disputes may rise unexpectedly, and have the potential to disrupt operations and cause significant stress. Our experienced commercial lawyers are committed to resolving business disputes efficiently in order to provide the most favourable outcome for our clients in Adelaide.

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How our commercial lawyers can help you

Resolve Your Business Disputes with Confidence

  • If you have been served with Court papers, there are strict deadlines which apply and you must respond by those deadlines. It is important to see a lawyer as soon as possible for advice if you have been served with court papers.
  • If you have been wronged by another party or seek to raise a dispute, we can assist you with commencing negotiations and avoid the expense associated with Court proceedings.
  • If you have otherwise been issued with a legal threat and are not sure what to do, we can assist you with coming up with a viable strategy to resolve the matter before it becomes complex.
  • Once your matter has resolved, we can assist you with planning and strategising to minimise the risk that the same problem will not arise again in future.
  • We can attend negotiations, settlement conferences and conciliation conferences on your behalf to resolve the matter without court intervention.
  • In the worst case scenario, if court intervention is required we can assist you by preparing the necessary court papers and serving them on the other party to the dispute.
  • We can appear in court on your behalf or provide you with assistance with appearing in court.
  • We can engage other professionals and experts where required to assist in resolving your dispute.

Leading Commercial Lawyers

Stanley & Co Lawyers has an exceptional understanding of the complexities associated with commercial litigation. We offer expert dispute resolution services tailored to your unique needs, seeking to provide the most favourable outcomes for our clients. Our team takes a proactive approach, anticipating issues and creating strategic solutions that prevent minor disagreements from escalating into more serious disputes.

How we do it

1. Contact

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2. Meeting

You will meet with an experienced commercial lawyer for a free initial appointment to discuss your matter.

3. Agreement

We send you a tailored fee proposal with a detailed ‘Scope of Work’ explaining exactly what you get for your money. If you are happy, sign the agreement and send it back to us.

4. Action

Now that we are engaged, we will get to work on your matter straight away. We will update you at each important milestone of your matter.

Our expertise in commercial litigation

Although it is preferable to resolve a dispute early on through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (such as mediation or conciliation), where court action is required, we will adopt a level-headed and commercial approach with a view to minimising the cost and expense associated with litigation. Don’t let business disputes disrupt your operations. Reach out to Stanley & Co Lawyers, your trusted partner in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Contact us today for an initial consultation and let us guide you through the complexities of business disputes.

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