Family court consent orders.

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Consent Orders

Consent orders are made by mutual agreement and avoid Court if you and your ex partner can agree about children and division of property.

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Stanley & Co Lawyers are committed to keeping you out of Court wherever possible because we do law differently. Instead of billing by the hour, we offer fixed fee family law services, and accept legal aid in certain cases. Our Adelaide family lawyers have over 13 years experience and will handle you matter with compassion and discretion.

We are sensitive to the needs of families and will negotiate matters outside of Court to reduce cost and delay. We will always aim to reach a fair settlement first. Our priority is to keep you out of the Court. If we cannot, we will fight for your rights and ensure you get the best outcome.

You should not have to worry about legal fees. Unlike other law firms, we do not bill by the minute. Instead, we offer fixed fee pricing to provide our clients with financial certainty and peace of mind.

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When deciding an application for consent orders, the Court must be satisfied that:

  1. For parenting orders, the arrangements are in he best interests of the children;
  2. For property orders, the arrangements are just and equitable.

If the Court is satisfied that orders should be made, the Court will issue the consent orders. We will then provide you with a letter of advice explaining the effect of the orders and any next steps (if applicable) to take.

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