Collaborative Practice

Have you heard about Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which parties settle without resorting to litigation. Originating in the USA in 1990, collaborative practice has spread to a number of other countries, including Australia. While most commonly used in family law matters, its use is becoming increasingly common in other areas, such as commercial law.

In agreeing to undertake collaborative conflict resolution, parties, their lawyers, and any other professionals involved, agree not to go to court or threaten to go to court in resolving the dispute. It is also agreed that if the process is not adhered to, the lawyers will not represent the parties in any subsequent related litigation.

The process involves a series of meetings with all parties and professionals, interest-based negotiation, full disclosure, and use of joint experts.

Litigation versus Collaborative Practice
Collaborative Practice
Focuses on what party wants, often adopting a ‘win at all costs’ approach Focuses on reaching a successful outcome
Likely to damage long-term relationships between parties Facilitates future cooperation between parties
Imposes a solution upon parties Facilitates parties finding own solution
Discourages client’s direct communication with spouse Coaches, models, and encourages direct respectful communication with spouse
Use of power and posturing Use of problem solving and relationship building


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