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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fee structure do you follow?

We follow a Fixed Fee structure in all areas of practice. We have the flexibility to discuss our prices with you – call us for a chat to discuss how our services and fixed fees will work for you.

What should I expect if I need to go to court with my lawyer?

Attending court proceedings can be daunting and stressful, and often has an attached stigma of emotional burden. Our Adelaide lawyers are here to ensure that attending court is the final option to be exhausted, and in the event of attending, they can speak on your behalf, and negotiate in terms of penalties, damages and adjudication.

How do I maintain successful communication with my lawyer?

Our dedicated team is available via phone and email round the clock, and in-office visits 5 days a week. You can feel confident in reaching out to them, and you can expect a reply. Our lawyers remain on top of your case, and ensure that communication is of the highest standard.

Is my will stored safely within the firm and protected in the event of an accident, such as fire?

Should you choose to ask us to keep your Will for you, it will be stored in our off site Deeds safe – a secure and fireproof room. This service is free of charge to you.

If you desire to keep your own Will, it should be kept in a safe place where it cannot be damaged or tampered with. It should never be written on, stapled, held together by a paper clip, or marked in any way.

It is recommended to either give a copy to your Executor, or let your Executor know where you have placed the original Will. This minimises any difficulties arising in locating the Will in the event of an untimely death.

What happens to my case notes after the case and all legal proceedings are over?

After your case is finalised, we keep the case notes and all documents in your file in our secure archives for up to 7 years, as per statutory obligation. For a small fee, we can recover your file after the 7 year period.

I know I have an issue that will need the help of a lawyer - where do I begin?

Never be worried about simply asking a lawyer whether they are needed or not. If you recognise that you will need the help of a legal professional, the best way is to speak to them directly over the phone. If you are not confident having a voice-to-voice or face-to-face conversation, sending an email is equally as accepted. We will always reply to emails in a short turnaround time, and are happy to call you back if that is more convenient.

Am I expected to understand the legal terminology that is always used?

Our lawyers treat our clients with respect and continually ensure that both the professional and client fully understand the situation at hand, and what options are available. Legal terminology is simplified to minimise confusion, and assist in reducing stress during the proceedings. We pride ourselves on straight-talking, plain English, no nonsense communication.

Aside from legal assistance, what else will the lawyers do for me?

At Stanley & Co, we work tirelessly for our clients. We will use our expertise to understand your requirements, and tailor our service to your specific needs. We will deliver practical advice in plain English, and maintain effective contact with you during all proceedings. We will provide assurance in confidentiality, and ensure that all documents and information relating to your case will not be revealed to anyone other than yourselves and us. We will understandingly guide you through the issues and the process.

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