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Fixed Fee Lawyers in Adelaide

Stanley & Co Lawyers are one of a Handful of Law Firms in Australia That Offer Transparent Fixed Fee Billing in all Areas of Practice. We Do Law Differently.

If you value transparency, clarity, certainty and fairness in the price of legal services, then you are in the right place. Stanley & Co Lawyers do not operate like traditional lawyers. We moved away from time-based billing and the trivialities of billing in six-minute increments in favour of alternative fee arrangements.

While most lawyers charge by time, we believe it is fairer to provide a fixed fee. This provides our clients with peace of mind and financial certainty. We are focused on getting results without sacrificing satisfaction because we know the billing process can be a source of considerable stress to you. A lawyer should not add to your list of worries, and we are here to help you, always.

Retainer and Fixed Fee Services

Our fixed fee billing is transparent. What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden charges. Our commitment to price certainty underscores our core value: sensitivity to your needs. Based on your needs, we will provide a quote for legal services on a fixed fee basis that we honour.

The services offered under a fixed fee arrangement can include contentious and non-contentious services. For example, family law matters, commercial law and business agreements, wills, estates, criminal and traffic law.

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1. Contact


2. Meeting

  • Once your appointment is confirmed, attend our Adelaide CBD office or call us to arrange a meeting closer to your location. Bring as much information as you can to assist us with tailoring your fixed fee quote. The more we know about your situation, the better.

3. Agreement

  • We send you a tailored fixed fee agreement. You select the service and fixed fee that suits you. Next, sign the agreement and pay the agreed fee in to our trust account. The money is still yours, we just know that the money is there once we issue a bill and you are happy with the service that we have provided.

4. Action

  • Once payment is received, we will begin working on your matter immediately.
  • You will receive confirmation when each milestone of your fixed fee agreement is reached.


Family & Divorce

Family disputes involving separation, divorce and children are by nature delicate and emotional. We want you to concentrate on you, and leave the legal issues to us.

Family & Divorce

Commercial & Business

Our corporate and commercial law team specialises in commercial law and we are one of a couple of law firms in Australia that offer fixed fee pricing.

Commercial Law

Wills & Estates

It is important that you have a valid and legal Will. It ensures that, upon your death, your assets are distributed by people you trust in accordance with your wishes.

Wills & Estates

Criminal & Traffic

We take your detailed instructions, consider the evidence against you and provide you with expert advice as to the best course of action available. 

Criminal & Traffic

Benefits of Fixed Fee Billing

Certainty & Transperancy

Our fixed fee quote sets out exactly what you have to pay. This lets you budget for legal expenses and avoid bill shock.

Efficiency & Timely Results

Fixed fee billing makes sure we do our work efficiently in a timely manner because that is when we are paid. If we work fast and well, we will make money. If we do not, we won’t.

Better Use Of Your Time

We won’t waste your time by entering time on timesheets or using time recording software. Instead, we focus our time working to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes.

Better Communication

We will communicate better with you. Instead of being charged for every phone call or email, our price includes all communication.

Better Accessibility

You do not have to be afraid of picking up the phone and calling your lawyer. We don’t record how long each call takes.

Better Control & INvolvement

We provide you with greater control because you are involved in the legal process.


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