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Fixed Fee Lawyers in Adelaide

Stanley & Co Lawyers are one of a handful of law firms in Australia that offer transparent Fixed Fee Billing in all areas of practice.

This provides our clients with peace of mind and financial certainty.

What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden charges.

By way of example, we offer fixed fees for the following services:

i. Letters of Advice
ii. Consent Orders
iii. Divorce Applications
iv. Court Documents
v. Guilty Pleas
vi. Shareholder’s Agreements

vii. Lease Reviews
viii. Employment Contracts
ix. Company Creation Family Trusts
x. Terms and Conditions
xi. Debt Recovery

Benefits of Fixed Fee Billing


Our fixed fee quote sets out exactly what you have to pay. This lets you budget for legal expenses and avoid bill shock.


Fixed fee billing makes sure we do our work efficiently in a timely manner because that is when we are paid. If we work fast and well, we will make money. If we do not, we won’t.


We won’t waste your time by entering time on timesheets or using time recording software. Instead, we focus our time working to achieve mutually agreed upon outcomes.


We will communicate better with you. Instead of being charged for every phone call or email, our price includes all communication.


You do not have to be afraid of picking up the phone and calling your lawyer. We don’t record how long each call takes.


We provide you with greater control because you are involved in the legal process.

How to Get a Fixed Fee

1. Contact

Book online, call, email, SMS for your no obligation free first interview at Angas Street or Christies Beach.

T: 08 7001 6135
24 HR: 0420 359 833
or send an email

2. Meeting

You will meet with an experienced lawyer for a free initial appointment to discuss your matter.

3. Agreement

We send you a tailored fixed fee proposal with a detailed ‘Scope of Work’ explaining exactly what you get for your money.

If you are happy, sign the agreement and send it back to us.

4. Action

Now that we are engaged, we will get to work on your matter straight away.

We will update you at each important milestone of your matter.

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