How can a lawyer help me in Criminal Law?

Being represented by an experienced criminal lawyer is strongly recommended, as it can make a positive difference to the outcome of your matter.

A lawyer can help to: have the charges withdrawn or reduced to a lesser offence, speak on your behalf, prepare your case for trial, reduce any fines or costs imposed on you, and apply for recovery of your costs when you are acquitted.

Lawyers can assist in a variety of ways, and are there to support you in a time of need. Speaking to police can be daunting, and so lawyers can be present in the interview and assist if need be. They can apply to bail, and will analyse the evidence to ensure that there is sufficient evidence to bring a case against you. They will advise you of your options and the best course of action to take, as well as negotiating with the police and prosecution to reduce, amend or withdraw the charge against you.

Lawyers will attend court on your behalf, and speak for you. If you choose to enter a guilty plea, or take the matter to trial, they achieve the best outcome possible in your case.

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