How do Lawyers Charge?

Giving our clients certainty about their legal fees is very important to us because we know that the potential cost of engaging a lawyer may be daunting. Lawyers charge for their services in different ways but typically most matters are charged on either an hourly rate or by a fixed fee. Here at Stanley & Co. Lawyers we are one of the few firms who offer fixed fees in all of the areas that we practice. With a fixed fee you can contact us with any questions or issues you have, without fear of being hit with additional costs. Below we have an outline of our main services:  

  • Wills & Estates 
  • Family & Divorce 
  • Criminal & Traffic  
  • Commercial & Busines 

 Please note we can fix the fee of any service that we offer. In addition to these fixed fees, depending on your matter there can also be disbursements such as court fees, government fees, other reports, medical fees, and expert witness fees.  

We would like to tell you more about this so please feel free to call us to discuss our fee arrangements.  

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