Social Media and the Law

The rise of social media has created a range of new legal issues. Problem areas frequently encountered include defamation, family law, and false or misleading advertising.  


The law of defamation protects individual reputation and assumes all people are of good character until proven otherwise. Defamation may include: 

  • posting untrue comments to social media about an individual or company, so as to damage their reputation; or 
  • sharing (but did not creating) defamatory material. 

Defamation laws already encompass posting online, including on social media. 

 Family Law 

Social media is becoming increasingly prevalent in family law. Family law matters are often emotional, and there is a growing tendency for this emotion to be expressed online. Posts and messages may be used against you in court.  

Additionally, Facebook is now a recognised platform for serving documents to individuals avoiding service, or who are otherwise unable to be located.  


Consumer protection laws already prohibit businesses from making misleading or deceptive claims about their products and services. These rules apply to social media in the same manner they apply to other marketing platforms. Businesses who use Facebook and other social media platforms must ensure they do not display false or misleading advertising. 

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