Amra Sabou Family Lawyer

Amra Sabou

Co-Founder and Partner

Amra is one of our Co-Founders and Partners. She joined forces with Rich in 2015 to create a better legal experience for clients. Clients invariably don’t want to come and see a lawyer. Amra strives to make their experience as positive as possible.

She practices primarily in the area of Family & Divorce. She provides her clients with practical solutions and realistic advice, and is by nature approachable, understanding and compassionate. She tells it like it is, even if it’s hard to hear, and works tirelessly to ensure that her clients receive the best possible outcome as efficiently as possible. She never loses sight of the goal – a resolution for her client – and every step she takes in a matter is a step closer to that goal. These are qualities which are immediately evident to clients.

Amra is “big” on alternative ways to resolve disputes. Whilst Court is sometimes inevitable, it should be a last resort. It’s stressful, it’s costly and it can take years. This is why Amra often recommends that families navigate their family separation by a Collaborative Practice approach, lawyer-assisted Mediation or an Informal Conference. This may not work for all family situations (eg- matters where there are allegations of abuse), and that’s ok, with 12 years in the game she has plenty of litigation experience for those families needing the assistance of the Court.

Amra is passionate about clients having access to justice. She takes on a select handful of legal aid clients each year ensuring that those financially disadvantaged individuals also have access to Amra’s experience, passion and drive for success. Amra is a proud board member of WestSide Lawyers, a community legal centre that provides legal representation to those disadvantaged individuals that have meritorious cases, are not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford private representation. What Amra loves most about WestSide is that it does not just provide one-off advice to clients, but it conducts complex Court matters. WestSide doesn’t send them away when the going gets tough. WestSide fights the tough battles and actually makes a difference.

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